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Special thanks to everyone who were present with us during our Memorial Day 2021 ceremonies at the Paris Post 1 Mausoleum, American Cathedral and Pershing Hall. Here is a list of all of the associations who were present, we appreciate your continued support:


American Legion Paris Post 1
American Legion Auxiliary
Sons of the American Legion
American Overseas Memorial Day Association
VFW Post 605
U.S. Embassy Paris
U.S. Army
City of Neuilly-sur-Seine
XVI arrondissement de Paris
Office national des anciens combattants et victimes de guerre
Le Comité des Anciens Combattants à Paris XVI
Le Souvenir Francais Neuilly
Le Souvenir Francais Montargis
Association of Americans Resident Overseas (AARO)
Democrats Abroad France
Scout Troop #112 Paris
The Normandy Institute
Association Frogmen d’Utah Beach


Historic Paris Post 1

of The American Legion and part of the Department of France

established December 13, 1919 - in Paris, France - The American Legion is the World's Largest Veteran's Organization

The American Legion Paris Post 1 is now in our 102nd year of existence,

continuing to support Veterans around the World and helping keep the legacy of America's contribution to Europe alive by serving Veterans and their families.


Check out more of our history on The American Legion Paris including our creation of Pershing Hall, our Paris Post 1 Mausoleum, and the many ceremonies that we perform in France. Our hope is to one day return to our Paris Post 1 headquarters at Pershing Hall, see more of our post history in these Youtube videos and on our website menu (on the left). 




Please see our Past Events page for information and photos of our recent events and connect with us via our 

Post Meeting page or via our social media accounts at the bottom and top of the page.


Veterans Training Support:

We strive to help transitioning service members and all kinds of US Veterans, living throughout Europe and

around the World. Please check out our "Veteran Support Homepage" which has many 100% online and

           100% funded educational, entrepreneurial, networking, professional skills and French language programs. 



*This picture is of the 1st Caucus of The American Legion in Paris (15-17 December 1919)

at the Cirque de Paris in the 7th arrondissement.


Thank you for helping us KEEP THE LEGACY ALIVE!


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