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The American Legion's Historic Paris Post 1, Department of France

Established on 13 December 1919

Join us in Paris to celebrate our 100th Anniversary this December!

We will be celebrating 100 years of American veterans in Paris with a ceremonies at:


                         - Ravivage at the Arc de Triomphe (Dec. 13th)

                         - Paris Post 1 American Legion Mausoleum (morning Dec. 14th)

                         - Plus our Centennial Gala on the Champs Elysees (December 14th).




Contact Vice-Commander Bryan Schell ~ vicecommander@parispost1.com 


Keep the Legacy Alive.


Commander Marie L. Ferguson: vicecommander@ParisPost1.com

 Vice Commander Bryan Schell: vicecommander@ParisPost1.com

Adjutant Ed Canadyadjutant@ParisPost1.com

Post Historian Curtis Bartosik: c.bartosik@seneca-co.com

Immediate Past Commander Carl W. Hale: crlhl@hotmail.com

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POST MEMBER MEETINGS: The Second Saturday of each month, beginning at 14:30. CONFIRM by contacting the Adjutant.

NEXT MEETING:  8 September 2019.  Opening ceremonies scheduled to begin at 14:30.  

We are frequently asked if we have a Post Home that is open daily to visit: we don't.  We gather together for our scheduled meetings and for ceremonies.   We recommend that you visit PERSHING HALL memorial building on 49, Rue Pierre Charron, 75008 PARIS. It is close to the Avenue Des Champs - Elysees. It was our post home from the 1930s to 1991.

SAVE THE DATE:  13 December 2019, 100th Anniversary American Legion Paris Post 1 Celebration Event in Paris, France

CEREMONIES: 26 May, Sunday: Memorial Day ceremony at L'Escradrille La Fayette, Suresnes American Cemetery and at the Arc de Triomphe, 4 July Independence Day at Place des États-Unis and Arc du Triomphe, 11 September Memorial 

Contact the Post Commander and Vice Commander to learn the latest meeting and ceremony location details.

Thank you for your continued support of The American Legion, Paris Post 1. Your membership strengthens the Veteran's Voice when the National Headquarters works in Washington D.C. to maintain and strengthen Veteran's rights for healthcare, family (widows and orphans) services and continuing education. 

Are you eligible to join The American Legion, The Sons of the American Legion, or the American Legion Auxiliary? Contact US!



  Thank you for your interest in The American Legion, Paris Post #1


The Paris Post 1, chartered since December 13, 1919, to assist veterans, thier widows and orphans - and the mission continues. 




American Legionnaires and French Patriotic Organizations marching up the famous Avenue des Champs Elysees in Paris  


American Independence Day ceremony at the Paris Arch of Triumph

Paris Post 1 was chartered by the American Legion on December 13, 1919, just several months after the first Caucus meetings of the Legion in Paris during March 1919.  The Paris Post 1 members have been actively supporting the community ever since (except for an absence from 1941 to 1945 during the German occupation of France).  Our original members were veterans of the American Expeditionary Force that came to France in 1917 to join our allies in World War I. We lost the last of our World War I veterans many years ago.  Currently we have 285 members who are veterans of World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Lebanon/Grenada and Operation Just Cause/Desert Storm. Just over five percent of our members live in France and the others live at various locations throughout the world, mostly in the US. We welcome veterans who want to join the American Legion and Legionnaires from other posts who want to transfer to Paris Post #1   If you are interested and eligible to become a member of Paris Post 1, send an email to Post Commander Canady giving your name, address and dates and branch of military service.  See the National Legion Headquarters details at www.Legion.org/JOIN for more membership information about The American Legion, Sons of American Legion, and the American Legion Auxiliary.

Our Activities  The post is very active throughout each year with specific events from early September through the 4th of July.  We have our regular monthly meetings during that period.  We participate in our special celebrations on Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day (French Armistice Day) and in many other ceremonies.  We are represented in the American Legion Department of France Executive Committee meetings during the year and in its annual meeting in June.  We publish our newsletter three times a year and make it available to all members either through our website or by direct mail for members who do not have access to the internet. Click on the gold star tabs “Special Events” for our schedule of coming events, “Newsletter” for copies of our past newsletters, “Photo Gallery” for photos of our past meetings and ceremonies.  

The American Legion is a veterans service organization, veterans helping veterans.  See the National official website for  up-to-date Veteran News and links to the Legion on Facebook, Twitter and More!  www.Legion.org




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