American Legion Paris Post 1

The American Legion
 Paris Post #1 Mausoleum
Neuilly Cemetery Near Paris

A Monument to American Veterans


The plot for the mausoleum was donated by the City of Neuilly in June 1937.  It is located in the New Cemetery of Neuilly.  The mausoleum was constructed with donations from individuals and firms from around the world.   It was completed and put into use in April 1939.  It contains burial plots and niches for urns.  The names of those buried in the mausoleum are carved into the granite and gilded.  At the time of construction a granite name panel was built in the center of the monument.  It has since been filled with names.  Two other name panels have been added, one on the right side and one on the left side. The panel on the right side has also been filled with names. The panel on the left side has several names on it. Photos of the panels are shown below.



 Center Name Panel


Right Name Panel


Left Name Panel


The Standard Operating Procedure governing the use of the mausoleum is updated and approved by the Post Executive Committee.

Standard Operating Procedure 6—Post Mausoleum 

1.  Purpose: Paris Post 1 owns and maintains a Mausoleum and Legion Monument in the new cemetery of Neuilly, located in the community of Neuilly/Nanterre in the Hauts de Seine Department.  The purpose of the Standard Operating Procedure is to establish the rules concerning the use of this mausoleum and the respective responsibilities of the Post and the surviving family members. 

2.  Eligibility: Only legionnaire veteran members of Paris Post 1, Auxiliary and authorized family members are allowed to be interred at the mausoleum. Only cremated remains are authorized to be buried. This measure is necessary due to the limited space available. In the case where the spouse precedes the member in death, and burial with the member is desired, the cremated remains must be stored by the member in order to have them interred in the mausoleum at the same time as the member’s cremated remains. 

3.  Formalities: The Post Service Officer will provide necessary assistance and guidance to the surviving family members to accomplish the necessary formalities required for burial in the mausoleum. Normal protocol is for the family to make all arrangements through our dedicate mortuary company that serves the mausoleum. All costs, including transportation of the remains, opening and closing of the grave, and all local and national taxes will be paid by the surviving family. 

4.  Engraving:  The names of all those presently buried in the mausoleum are engraved on the marble slab behind the Legion emblem.  This engraving is done by a company agreed to by the post in order to maintain standard size and quality.  The cost of the engraving will be paid by the surviving family.  The engraving is also organized by the family through the mortuary company.

5.  Upkeep and Maintenance:  The monument and mausoleum are maintained by the volunteer veteran members of Paris Post 1. The Post pay for all upkeep and maintenance. Surviving families, who are able to do so, are asked to make a donation to the Post in memory of their deceased loved ones to assist in carrying on the legacy. It is suggested that persons who intend to be buried in the mausoleum make some provision in their wills or testaments to cover this cost if that is their wish to be buried at the mausoleum. 

6.  Procedures: Any person wishing to be buried in the mausoleum should write, date and sign a letter stating their last wishes. One copy should be sent to the Post Service Officer and Commander via email (, and copies should be retained by the family members such that no questions will arise to preclude the burial when the time arrives.


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