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Why Donate?

Throughout the year Paris Post 1 and our family of associations incur expenses to support our mission and activities. We have been maintaining our ceremonial duties, events and activities for over 100 years. In addition we having ongoing advocacy work in preserving our history and that of Pershing Hall and the historic Collection from Pershing Hall.

Support can come in the form of membership into one of our organizations or donations to help us run these associations. More information can be found under our Membership section on how you can join the American Legion, Auxiliary and Sons of the American Legion. 


3 donation levels to choose:


LEVEL 1 DONATION @ 100+ EURO/USD$ =                1 x Paris Post 1: Legacy Coin (no tour)

LEVEL 2 DONATION @ 500-999 EURO/USD$ =           2 x Paris Post 1: Legacy Coin + 1/2 day Paris tour

LEVEL 3 DONATION @ 1,000+ EURO/USD$ =             2 x Paris Post 1: Legacy Coin + FULL day Paris tour (plus lunch)


Currency of donation will be determined on your shipping address:

Shipping in USA = USD$ donations
Shipping in Europe = Euro donations

Donations for 100 euro and/or $100 USD or less, please send via the paypal buttons below. Utilize the corresponding currencies for the country where the coin will be shipped i.e. USA (USD$) and/or Europe (Euro).

To send us your donation form (Levels 1, 2 & 3) to receive your coin and your American history and monuments tour voucher for Paris, please send us your information via our online form below. Tour dates will be scheduled upon submission of contact form and donation. All donations over 100 euro/USD$ should be sent via bank transfer (not Paypal). :



Paris Post 1 is offering this for a limited time to help engage the public with our association. Paris Post 1 is not a business nor are we a tour company. Tours will be provided by members of Paris Post 1, and they will be formed to help the public understand where American history and memorials are located in Paris. Tours including in Level 2 & 3 donations will be for two (2) people maximum per donation. Tours are available for scheduling up to 12 months after the donation is received. This special donor program will be valid from May 2022 to October 2022. Tours and coins hold no commercial value. Public services are not transferrable. 

Reasons to Donate:

  • Paris Post 1 Legacy Fund: to help ensure our history and legacy last forever!
  • History, research and preservation of Pershing Hall and the historic Pershing Hall Collection
  • Wreath donations for our ceremonies (Founders Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Veterans's Day, etc.)
  • Support the burials at and maintenance of the Paris Post 1 Mausoleum (major work project needed to refill seals)
  • Donations to preserve our historic archive of photos and documents (current ongoing projects)
  • Gifts to support the France & Etats-Unis friendship by helping our veterans attend and interact in the community
  • Donations to help fund our Paris Post 1 student scholarships and youth programs

We are also open to resources and support through partnerships and working with others who are interested in our history and legacy. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have an idea or way that you could help be apart of our mission. 

Donations ($100/100 euro or less), please visit our Paypal pages (USD$ or EURO). Donations over 100, please email us for bank transfer instructions (  

U.S. Dollar USD$ click here (Paypal email   


Euro currency click here (Paypal email 





First American Legion Caucus in Paris' 7th Arrondissement in March 1919

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Paris Post 1 is proud to have an active group of Legionnaires, Auxiliary and Sons in France!


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