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Paris Post 1 Membership Verification

The American Legion is an internationally protected non-profit assocation headquartered in the USA with over 22,000 posts globally.

Membership to the American Legion Family, and Paris Post 1, is determined by our chartered membership agreement criteria, and also by remaining in good standing. To remain a member, you must be in good standing by following the rules and regulations of the American Legion, and the post in which you are requesting to be a member.

This includes membership to all associations within the American Legion Family:


American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary, Sons of the American Legion, and Legion Riders.


Paris Post 1 members are invited to ceremonies and events all over Europe. We do our best to attend as many as possible.

Because we are a self-funded veterans group, we can only attend a limited amount of events and ceremonies each year. We thank everyone who respresent the USA while they are at these occasions, although only members in good standing of Paris Post 1, and the American Legion, are authorized to wear our uniforms, display our flags, and respresent our veterans group.

The honor of being a member of the American Legion is not a right, and it can be revoked. 

If you have someone at your event or ceremony posing as a member of Paris Post 1 or any post of the American Legion, but you are not sure they are legitimate or you feel they are not being honest? You can submit your request to us to verify their status with our organization.

Each request will be handled individually to respect the privacy of all involved.

Please email your requests to

Include in your request: Your name, name of your organization, event name, date of event, and description of your event. Please include photos of these individuals including any business cards they may have, flags, uniforms, etc.

Stealing the valor of veterans and of those who have given their lives in service of our Armed Forces is immoral and sometimes illegal.

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