American Legion Paris Post 1



Paris Post #1 

The office of Paris Post 1 is located near Gare de Lyon. 

For visits to Paris Post 1, please coordinate with Commander of Paris Post 1 ( 


Since Covid-19, international mail has not been 100% reliable. If you would like to mail or ship a letter or package to Paris Post 1, please email 

us ahead of time so that we can provide proper instructions to ensure delivery in France.


All packages being shipped to France that include insurance will be reverted into a customs tax upon arrival that will be due for payment. 

Due to the nature of our association, Paris Post 1 cannot pick up packages with taxes due.

Mailed products are taxable from the first Euro (€1). The tax base is calculated as follows: value of goods + shipping costs. 
For more information, visit the French customs website

Would you like to ship a package to Paris Post 1? Please contact us ahead of time for instructions.

Instructions will include to not list any insurance on your package as the insurance value is used to calculate the value of the goods and tax being assessed.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

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