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10% of Veterans end up going into business and those veteran-owned firms employ 5.8 million individuals. This means there is a real need for entrepreneurial education among Veterans, as they are 45% more likely to be self-employed than non-veterans. The groups below aim to directly tackle this issue for both Veterans and their spouses. Most of these programs are offered to Veterans irregardless of where they live.


1. Startup Studio by FedTech builds new ventures from the ground-up; typically by bringing together entrepreneurs, opportunities, resources and tools that enable the creation of a business that's ready to launch

Entrepreneurs (and aspiring entrepreneurs) can apply to any of our startup studios, where they will be paired with a technology developed in a federal or university lab. Over the course of the intense program, entrepreneurs are indoctrinated in the lean startup model, focusing on validating their business models through customer discovery. If the team finds a problem-solution fit and the opportunity is promising, we help launch their venture.


2. Lauchlabs Online - by Bunkerlabs is the next step for active duty military, veterans and military spouses who want to start their own businesses and jumpstart the next chapter in their life.


3. Veterans in Residence - A partnership of WeWork and Bunker Labs, Veterans in Residence is a highly selective six-month startup incubator and leadership program that provides veteran and military family member entrepreneurs the community, business support, and workspace to help launch and grow their businesses.


4. Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans (EBV) - The EBV opens the door to economic opportunity for veterans by developing their competencies in the many steps and activities associated with creating and sustaining an entrepreneurial venture. Founded at Syracuse University in 2007, the program has since expanded to additional universities across the U.S., including Texas A&M, UCLA, the University of Connecticut, Louisiana State University, The Florida State University, Saint Joseph’s University and the University of Missouri –with Syracuse University serving as national host of the consortium of schools.


5. The Startup Training Resources to Inspire Veteran Entrepreneurship (STRIVE) program is part of a landmark initiative that transforms veterans and military family members into entrepreneurs. Delivered by Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families’ (IVMF) ARSENAL of 8 national entrepreneurship programs, STRIVE leverages networks and education resources in local communities to support and advance veteran owned businesses.  
STRIVE is a local three-phase program for veterans with a budding business. The program helps to identify, overcome and mitigate challenges for the new venture to pave the way for veteran business ownership success.


6. Patriot Bootcamp - Free 3-Day Technology Entrepreneurship Training. For aspiring technology entrepreneurs, this is a shorter, more condensed alternative of other programs.


7. Vet to CEO - this program was designed and facilitated by veterans who have used their skills from the military to become successful and experienced entrepreneurs. The programs are made exclusively for veterans of all branches and are free of charge to qualified/verified members.


8. Streetshares Foundation - Launched on Veterans Day 2016, the StreetShares Foundation’s programs provide access to capital opportunities, educational content, mentors, coaching and networking events built to serve military community entrepreneurs nationwide. Our grant program, the Veteran Small Business Award, provides a boost of sought-after financial support to help veterans who lack the financial means to start or grow their small businesses.


9. Veterans Outreach Center by the Small Business Association is designed to provide entrepreneurial development services such as business training, counseling and resource partner referrals to transitioning service members, veterans, National Guard & Reserve members and military spouses interested in starting or growing a small business.


10. The Veteran Entrepreneur Portal (VEP) is designed to save you time with direct access to the resources necessary to guide every step of entrepreneurship. VEP makes it easier for small businesses to access federal services, regardless of its source—and quickly connects Veteran entrepreneurs to relevant ‘best-practices’ and information.


11. French Consulting is an international firm headquartered in Sinsheim, Germany. We are a leading corporation in management consulting in Europe and offer a full spectrum of professional management solutions to the United States Government, host nation organizations and private corporations. Our Team comprises top-notch professionals, many of whom held distinctive military and civilian careers. Together, we strive to provide quality support to all of our clients, including our Service Members and military communities worldwide. We are passionate about our adaptive approach, creativity, and responsiveness. We take pride in our local presence and making a difference.


Keeping the legacy alive through helping our Veterans.