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1. The National Apprenticeship Org: Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Apprenticeships - 

The Transportation, Distribution & Logistics industry employs 1 out of 14 working Americans. Apprenticeships offer a standardized way for candidates and employers to bridge these skills gaps, whether you’re looking to start or fill a career as a mechanic, manager or driver.

The list of Apprenticeship Providers is long and includes some of the largest logistics companies in the World. If you are interested in a career in logistics - check this out!

Areas of work include (but are not limited to):

- Truck Driver (CDL)

- Driver Manager

- Mechanic (diesel, auto, industrial)

- Freight Broker Logistics

- Engineer Dispatcher / Transportation Management

- Coordinator

- Electrical Appliance Services

- Cybersecurity Support Technician


Keeping the legacy alive through helping our Veterans.

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