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Although many of the training and education options available to Veterans feature help finding work (see the Veterans Homepage for programs) it is impossible to cover all the possible areas Veterans choose to work in.

The groups below cover additional areas Veterans may want to work and thrive in.

1. Edith Nourse Rogers STEM Scholarship - for Veterans looking to study a STEM subject in college but do not have much (or any) of their GI Bill remaining.

2. Vet TEC - (Veterans technology education courses) - With VET TEC, you can get: Tuition for a full-time high-tech training program, Money for housing during your training

3. List Of Military Scholarships For Service Members, Spouses And Dependents - this is a list of some of the many scholarships for Veterans to go to college/training

4. Edge 4 Vets - YouTube Video

This group helps guide Veterans translate their military skills and find different varieties of work:

EDGE4VETS PROGRAM - prepares vets for careers in banking/finance, transportation, IT, life sciences, pharma, hospitals and health care, cruise, hospitality, media, non-profit and more.

EDGE4VETS AT AIRPORTS - will help you land an airport/aviation job with one of our airport employers in the US and Canada. They PREPARE and CONNECT you to jobs with airport operators, airlines, aviation service companies (retail and food and beverage,) aviation consulting companies and many more exciting aviation employers.

- Contact Tracing for Covid19 – PREPARE FOR A JOB AS A CONTACT TRACER. The COVID-19 crisis has created a need for contact tracers to help defeat the disease. Edge4Vets has developed a specific module, Vets4Tracing, to prepare vets to be contact tracers.

5. Fourblock - YouTube Channel

On the eve of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Marine Corps Commandant General Charles Krulak (and Honorary Chairman of FourBlock) developed a war fighting strategy to win what he called the Three Block War, where a young squad leader would have to lead his unit through a foreign city. At each new city block, the patrol faced a different challenge: engaging in a battle on one city block, providing humanitarian assistance on the next, and then dealing with a civil disturbance on yet a third block. Service members operating in Iraq and Afghanistan found themselves in this very predicament. This organization helps Veterans prepare for when they get home and that's where their name comes from.

6. Breakline - YouTube Channel

BreakLine provides education and coaching for exceptional, high-performing veterans who are interested in pivoting into the tech industry. Our education is designed to help you successfully land a role in tech and build your professional network.

A new cohort kicks off every week! Sessions include hands-on workshops, in-depth discussions with industry leaders, and an inside look at top tech companies.

You will also work closely with our team of experts to build a pipeline of opportunities across our partner companies. The BreakLine team will guide you through the entire process, from resume reviews to sourcing relevant roles, to interview prep, until you land and accept a position. We stick with you every step of the way!

All participants join our active community of more than 1,000 BreakLine alums nationwide and are invited to join our regular Speaker Series and community events. Once a BreakLiner, always a BreakLiner!


Keeping the legacy alive through helping our Veterans.