American Legion Paris Post 1

The MedTechVets Academy is a 6-week long training program designed to support your career transition to the medical device, biotech and life science industries.

It includes:

1. Personal Branding to gain the confidence to speak to the skills acquired during your service and how they apply to your job of interest in any professional setting.

2. Mentors can identify gaps in knowledge you have about the industry and help you fill them, or point you to the right resources that can.

3. Offering practice interviews with your mentor, who has insight into what civilian hiring managers look for in a candidate.

4. Resume editing

5. Cover Letter editing

6. Translate the skills you acquired during your service into tangible leadership skills that civilian hiring managers are impressed by. And teaching networking Do's and Don'ts.


Paris Post 1 - Keeping the legacy alive through helping our Veterans.