American Legion Paris Post 1

 PARIS POST 1: Mausoleum
Neuilly Cemetery La Defense near Paris

Our Monument to American Veterans

The plot for the mausoleum was donated by the City of Neuilly in June 1936.  It is located in the New Cemetery of Neuilly.  The mausoleum was constructed with donations from individuals and firms from around the world.   It was completed and put into use in April 1939.  It contains burial plots and niches for urns.  The names of those buried in the mausoleum are carved into the granite and gilded.  At the time of construction a granite name panel was built in the center of the monument.  It has since been filled with names.  Two other name panels have been added, one on the right side and one on the left side. The panel on the right side has also been filled with names. The panel on the left side has several names on it. Photos of the panels are shown below and additional information about the cemetary is available here.



 Center Name Panel


Right Name Panel


Left Name Panel


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