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Why Donate and Support Paris Post 1?

Throughout the year, Paris Post 1 and our family of associations (Legion, Auxiliary and Sons) incur expenses to support our mission, activities and ceremonies. Paris Post 1 has been maintaining our ceremonial duties, events and activities for over 100 years (since 1919). In addition, we having ongoing advocacy work in preserving our history and that of Pershing Hall and the historic Collection from Pershing Hall.

Support can be in the form of joining Paris Post 1 (becoming a member into one of our organizations), or donations to help us run these associations (Legion, Auxiliary and Sons). More information can be found under our Membership section on how you to join Paris Post 1 Legion, Auxiliary and Sons. 

Paris Post 1 Centennial Medallion

HOW DOES IT WORK (two options)?

1. USA (mail order only):

USA - North America (mail order only): $25 + $5 for shipping (please add in $5 addition to cover shipping on Paypal).

Total cost per medallion $30. If you would like more than one coin, please pay in $25 increments and include $5 per medallion for shipping (even if to the same address).

All payments and shipping from North American addressesare via Paypal. Please make sure your Paypal shipping address is correct. Shipping to North American addresses will be from Merrick Designs in Oklahoma. Medallions will automatically be shipped to you once payment via Paypal is received ($30 per medallion). Allow 3-4 weeks for shipping.


2. Paris, France (pick up in person only):

PARIS, FRANCE (in person at Paris Post 1): 25 euro donation in cash in person at Paris Post 1.

Pick up your medallion at our month meetings and meet our members. Email for more information on monthly meeting dates/times for our Legion, Auxiliary and Sons associations.

Coin details and dimensions): Designed and created by: Merrick Designs in Oklahoma. One medallion weighs approximately 63-64 grams. The medallion's dimensions are 5cm x 5cm.




Would you like to make a significant gift to Paris Post 1?

There are many reasons why donating to Paris Post 1 "pays off" multi fold. Not only do we have three associations at Paris Post 1, our Legion, Auxiliary and Sons, but we also support many other associations throughout France. When you help us, you also help them!

What associations does Paris Post 1 collaborate and support in France?

We are active throughout the year for many ceremonies and activities (see more of what we do below).

The associations we help support and collaborate with on a regular basis are the Boy Scouts (now called The Scouts), the Girl Scouts, the American Association of Residents Overseas (AARO), Daughters of the American Revolution, plus many mairies and government agencies!

  • Add the Paris Post 1 Legacy Fund to your annual donations: help ensure our history and legacy lasts forever!
  • Wreath donations for our ceremonies (Founders Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Veterans's Day, etc.)
  • Support the burials at, and maintenance of, the Paris Post 1 Mausoleum (major work project needed to refill seals)
  • Donations to preserve our historic archive of photos and documents (current ongoing digitization projects)
  • History, research and preservation of Pershing Hall and the historic Pershing Hall Collection
  • Gifts to support the France & Etats-Unis friendship by helping our veterans attend and interact in the community
  • Donations to help fund our Paris Post 1 student scholarships and youth programs

‚ÄčWe also appreciate donated resources and support through partnerships. Please contact us if you are interested in our history and legacy.

Donations ($100/100 euro or less), please visit our Paypal pages below, Paypal Payment Instructions below for both USD$ and EURO.

Donations over 100USD$ or 100 Euro, please email us for bank transfer instructions (


Paypal Payment Instructions

  • Two options for payments (USD$ or Euro) for donations and commemorative medallions, please click on the link below to go to our Paypal account in either USD$ or Euro.

U.S. Dollar USD$ (click here)  or send U.S. Dollar payments via Paypal to (USA):   


Euro currency (click here)  or send euro payments via Paypal to (France):





First American Legion Caucus in Paris' 7th Arrondissement in March 1919

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Paris Post 1 is proud to have an active group of Legionnaires, Auxiliary and Sons in France!


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